29 August 2006

Dead Man: An Ode To Love Or Despair

Oh! Why was I born in a different way?
For a child's play my life He doth may
Why couldn't I be like all mens rest?
Amidst the forest fighting the cuckoo stealing nest

For hers was the touch of the divine
All men entered equal and came out blind
The night unfolds daring its might,
The moon embraces, with a compassionate sight

O'er the fallen, in my heart I feel
Belonging, the truth is my Achilles heel
Why have I grown without strength of character?
No will is there in the skies to look farther

I was lost inside the walls of her garden
Now I carry within the heaviest burden
Consumed by a fire the eye cannot see
It burns in all that is, was and ever will be

The will of the higher bewilders me
Aren't we responsible for our destiny?
The signs are only there if you want to see
A lonely companion, life can be

At the graveyard of mankind I stand
I feel like the dead man!
No strength left is there in is hand
Oh! How I feel like a dead man...



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