27 September 2010

Recebemos isto:
" Hi,
one of your songs has been chosen to take part in the Darkerradio.com Free Music Charts. The FMC are a monthly radio charts show where only free music is allowed to take part. The charts are also integrated into Amarok, the leading audio player for Linux and also into VLC, one of the leading media player for Windows, starting with version 1.1.0. Last monthe we had more than 15.000 podcast downloads from all over the world. The rules are quite simple:
Usually we have five newcomers and the best voted 15 tracks from last month. Our listeners then can chose their FIVE favorite songs to vote for. The result are the charts for next month. A song is allowed to be in the charts for six months max.
Feel free to tell your fans about the charts (in your blog, myspace, last.fm, newsletter, website, etc.), but remember: everyone is only allowed to vote one time (but for up to FIVE songs)! Please make that clear as we quite often have people trying to manipulate the voting.
You'll find the current charts including the voting at:

The site is in German, Charts and voting should still be quite easy to understand. English and Russian translations will appear in the next few days.
The current status of the voting can be seen at:
There also exists a podcast of the radio show:
The next show airs on 18th October, 10pm (UTC) on darkerradio.com, the voting ends at 12am during that day.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions."
Após a vossa magnífica adesão, que nos levou até ao 4º lugar dos temas mais votados da lista da
DARKERRADIO no passado mês de Agosto, tivemos direito a continuar na programação mais um mês. Para lá continuarmos é fundamental que toda a gente continue a votar. Se continuarmos a ter votação suficiente, podemos manter o mesmo tema na programação até 6 meses, por isso, desenrasquem lá isso.



Blogger The Mystery Artist said...

Após termos ficado num honroso 4º lugar no mês de Agosto, neste momento estamos em primeiro lugar destacado, na lista de temas mais votados da DARKERRADIO para o mês de Setembro. Estamos a falar de um universo de 20 bandas em que a qualidade é a palavra de ordem.
Estamos satisfeitos mas queremos mais.


28 September, 2010  

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